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Board of Directors of JCB International

Board of Directors of JCB International Co., Ltd.

1. Takao Kawanishi, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
2. Ichiro Hamakawa, Vice Chairman
3. Koremitsu Sannomiya, President and Chief Operating Officer
4. Kimihisa Imada, Deputy President
5. Masaaki Okazaki, Director
6. Ichiro Kubo, Director
7. Masashi Miyano, Director
8. Kenichi Narihara, Director
9. Jiro Sugiyama, Director
10. Takashi Watanabe, Director
11. Masayuki Tajima, Director
12. Yutaka Nakazawa, Director
13. Hiroshi Terada, Director
14. Ryuji Shinzawa, Director
15. Masahiko Shirota, Director
16. Thomas Wright, Director
17. Toshifumi Ooka, Director

Osamu Daigo, Statutory Auditor
Kunimasa Kawase, Statutory Auditor

[As of April, 2015]

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