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Office Information


United Kingdom

JCB International (Europe) Ltd.
EMEA Head Office

Part Ground Floor, 30 Eastbourne Terrace, London,
W2 6LA, United Kingdom
Tel:44(20)7087-4700 Fax:44(20)7087-4701


JCB International (Europe) Ltd.
Branch in Paris

10 rue de la Paix, 75002 Paris, France
Tel: 33(1)4244-1080 Fax:33(1)4244-1099


JCB International (Italy) S.p.A.

2nd Floor, Via Barberini 47, 00187 Rome, Italy
Tel: 39(06)481-4405 Fax:39(06)482-8876


JCB International (Europe) Ltd.
Branch in Frankfurt

Kaiserstrasse 9, 60311 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Tel:49(69)9203-86500 Fax:49(69)9203-86599


JCB International (Europe) Ltd.
Branch in Madrid

C/ Calendula, 93 Miniparc III
Edif. E, El Soto de la Moraleja, Alcobendas
Madrid, 28109 Spain
Tel: 34 91 791 2972 Fax: 34 91 791 2973


JCB International (Europe) Ltd.
Branch in Vienna

Millennium Tower, 23rd Floor
Handelskai 94-96 A-1200 Vienna, Austria
Tel: 43 (0)1 74040 6150

Contact Us
For any enquiry, kindly contact the above offices directly, or send an email to the following address:
*Please do not include card numbers, expiration dates or security codes in your message.

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