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Through a variety of sponsorship programs and alliances with well-known players and popular brands in the entertainment industry, JCB gives more satisfaction and increases benefits to customers.



There's world-class entertainment for every guest, from kids to adults.
Hollywood blockbusters come to life in exciting shows and breathtaking rides,
with fresh new surprises throughout the year.
As an official marketing partner of Universal Studios Japan, JCB sponsors "The Flying Dinosaur" attraction.

Some imagery does not represent current operational and safety guidelines.
Review important safety guidelines before visiting at the official Universal Studios Japan website.


KidZania Tokyo / KidZania Koshien

JCB is an official sponsor of KidZania Tokyo and KidZania Koshien

KidZania is an edutainment* town for children. At KidZania, kids can try a variety of jobs they think they might enjoy, and can learn about how our society works, while having fun. Just like their adult counterparts, kids that "work" at various jobs will receive KidZo (money that can be used in KidZania) that they can spend the way they like for a real taste of life as an adult. As the children participate in these jobs, they learn the rules and manners of society, how the economy works, and can even discover their future potential.

*Edutainment is a word derived from "education" and "entertainment" which means to learn while having fun.


JCB is currently exhibiting its "Electronic Money Center" pavilion.

At JCB's pavilion, we provide an electronic money system called "e-KidZo" that uses a contactless IC. This electronic money card (e-KidZo card) can be used just like the KidZo (money that can be used inside KidZania) to pay for services and items at other pavilions throughout the facility. e-KidZo cards are used by first filling the card with KidZo. By experiencing how to use electronic money, not only can children learn of the benefits of making cashless transactions, but they can also have fun learning the precautions they need to take when using a card to make financial transactions.

KidZania image
e-KidZo card


JCB Supports the YOSAKOI SORAN Festival

JCB supports the YOSAKOI SORAN Festival held at the beginning of summer every year in Hokkaido.
JCB also sponsors one of the teams participating in the YOSAKOI SORAN Festival, "JCB YUMESHOUBU."

YOSAKOI SORAN festival photo 1

YOSAKOI SORAN festival photo 2

Fukuoka SoftBank HAWKS

JCB is an official sponsor of Fukuoka SoftBank HAWKS

As an official sponsor of Fukuoka SoftBank HAWKS, JCB launches a campaign called "JCB Special" as part of our support for the team.

Fukuoka SoftBank HAWKS image

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