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Notice on Card Handling

Your credit card is an important life partner. Before you use your card, be sure to look over how to use it properly and make sure you follow the guidance to keep you safe and trouble free.

Before You Use Your JCB Card

Before using your card, make absolutely sure you put your signature on the back!

As soon as you receive your JCB card, turn it over and look at the back. Your journey with your JCB card begins by putting your signature in the box labelled "Signature." Please don't forget!

Back of JCB card showing security code and signature

You will be asked for your signature in order to prove that the card you are using is in fact your own.*1
Try not to make your signature too ordinary or easy for others to copy. Make sure to make your signature something special and unique that only you can reproduce.

*1 If using your IC chip embedded JCB card at a store with an IC chip card compatible terminal, your PIN number will be requested instead of a signature.
About IC Chip Cards

*2 When using your JCB card for internet shopping, you may need to enter its security code. Your security code is the last three digits of the seven numbers printed in the upper right area of the signature panel on the back of your card.

Check the name and expiration date shown on your card

Make sure that the name on your card matches your name exactly. The expiration date tells you how long your card is valid for.

* Your card is valid until the last day of the month shown in the expiration date.
<Example>If your card's expiration date is "03/20" you can use your card until the last day of March, 2020.

Your card is delicate. Handle it with care.

The magnetic stripe on the back of your card is a vital component for storing your card's data and processing transactions online. If this area is damaged your card will become unusable. Do not place your card near any strong magnets. Try not to bend, scratch, or damage your card in any way.

Only you can use your own card.

Your card's value lies in the fact that only you can use it. Please remember you should not under any circumstances lend your card to anyone, not even to other members of your own family. If you do, you will have to bear full responsibility.

Be careful with your PIN number.

Keep your PIN number so that it does not fall into the wrong hands.

Do not store your card in the same place with any written record of your PIN number. Also, please refrain from using your birthday, home/mobile phone number, or any other easy to guess number as your PIN number. You should also try not to use the same PIN number as the one for your mobile phone, mailbox, locker, or any other PIN number you may have.

Never tell anyone your PIN number.

JCB, financial institutions, the police, or any other entity will never ask for your PIN number by phone or e-mail.
The following types of PIN numbers are easily guessed should you lose any other personal documents with your card. Therefore, they are not recommended. These include:
- Numbers related to your birthday
- Numbers in your phone number (home, work, mobile)
- Numbers in your address (block number, street number, etc.)
- Four of the same number (e.g., 1111, 5555, etc.)

How to Change/Check Your PIN Number*

If you need to change or check your current PIN number, please contact the company that issued your JCB card.

*Some card issuing companies distribute cards with no PIN number or with a PIN number that cannot be changed.

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