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Emergency Support

In Germany

Call 116 116 for lost and stolen card
*free-of-charge from within Germany


We provide a toll free call center service for our customers to call any time for a variety of information.
*24 hours/day. Available in English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese.


  • Travel information: Hotel, restaurant, taxi and various ticket information or reservations
  • Emergency assistance: Loss of JCB credit card or passport
  • Other: Information about local police, medical facilities and insurance companies in the event of an accident or any other problem. Guidance and support in regard to any other emergencies while abroad.

How to Use

Call the number given below and give the operator your 16-digit JCB card number. Any JCB card holder can use this service.

Please call this number if you cannot use the toll free number. You will have to pay the cost of the call.

+81-3-5778-8379 (toll number)

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