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Products - JCB. The card that works for you

JCB has a range of card options to make your life easier and more efficient, products designed for your way of life.

We have cards that are linked to your bank account and work simply as an alternative to cash, cards that help you manage your money and cards that provide support in money emergencies.

  • On business, on holiday, online, on the phone … every day, wherever you are in the world, a JCB card will help you pay for goods and services easily, speedily and safely
  • JCB works closely with all its partners to co-create specialized cards like co-badged and corporate cards
  • JCB is thinking ahead developing all the latest technologies including contactless payment
  • With a JCB card you have control of your money and complete peace of mind
JCB Card
The JCB Card is the foundation of the JCB product portfolio. All our cards carry the latest security features to prevent fraud and counterfeiting activity.
The JCB Card complies with international ISO standards and can therefore be used worldwide for all card payment processing provided by international card payment devices and systems. The card can be used as a standard card, or presented in different designs as a premium card, a corporate card or an affinity card.
Co-Badged Card
JCB co-badged card is the single payment card merged JCB payment function and national or proprietary scheme payment function. It works as the scheme’s card at the merchants and ATMs of national or proprietary scheme. And it works as JCB card at the other merchants and ATMs.
The German banking industry and JCB International signed an agreement to merge the functions of girocard, the German debit card payment system and JCB onto single payment card.
This agreement enables all banks in Germany to issue girocard with JCB card function.
When used in Germany, this card functions as a girocard over the girocard network, and when used outside of Germany, this card functions as JCB card.
For Residents in Germany
Consorzio BANCOMAT, who manages Italian national debit brand 'BANCOMAT/PagoBANCOMAT‘ and JCB International Co., Ltd. reached a consensus that there are no technical and operational impacts on co-badging Consorzio with JCB Card subject to the respective compliance of scheme process.
JCB Corporate Card
The JCB Corporate Card is based on the classic JCB Card, but can be equipped with special optional features. These features are designed to meet the specific requirements of the partner companies whose employees carry them.
JCB Affinity Card
The JCB Affinity Card can be run both as a classic JCB Card or as a JCB co-badged card. The JCB Affinity Card taps into the affinity potential cardmembers may have for a particular company, lifestyle, sport, etc. Added features can include: bonus, frequent flyer, cashback, discount, benefit and loyalty programs. It is also possible to custom design in very different ways by using specific graphics and illustrations. JCB has experience of hundreds of JCB Card Affinity Programs and they are a very popular part of our product offering.
JCB Contactless (former J/Speedy)

Based on EMV(R) Contactless Communication Protocol, the global standard for contactless payment, JCB Contactless provides a simple, fast, and convenient way to pay. This fits merchants where fast payment is critical, such as grocery stores, convenience stores and fast food restaurants, or low-value transactions.
Customers simply tap their card or mobile device on the reader.

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